Executive Committee (2023/2024)

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The Executive Committee is responsible for the daily operations of the Association. Apart from the first Executive Committee (which was elected by the Founding Members), the Executive Committee is elected by eligible members at the Annual General Meeting every year. The number of Committee Members should not be less than 8 and not more than 15. Its membership consists of:


Ms. Agnes HUI

Vice President

Ms. Teresa PUN

Mr. Purry CHIU

Honorary Secretary

Ms. June LAU

Honorary Treasurer

Ms. Teresa PUN

Media Relations & Publication

Ms. Marina WATT (Convenor)

Ms. Maggie LAM

Training and Programme

Ms. Ruby WAN (Convenor)

Mr. Purry CHIU

Ms. Loretta FONG

Ms. Diana YUE


Ms. Maria CHEUNG (Convenor)

Co-opted Members

Miss Cynthia NG