Entries for the Public Relations Campaign Awards are evaluated in three key areas:

  1. Strategic Planning
    Any sound research or study to support the development of clear campaign objectives, successful strategies, and quantitative or qualitative benchmarks for evaluation.

  2. Effective execution
    Planning and content, identifying the right target audience with creativity, quality, and technical excellence.

  3. Evaluation and result
    Any quantitative and qualitative evaluations, such as research findings or positive feedback from stakeholders or target audience and media.

For Individual Awards entries, nominations will be assessed by:

  1. Knowledge of experience
    Achievements that demonstrate how the individual has advanced in the profession of public relations. He/She should demonstrate how his/her public relations knowledge and techniques are applied efficiently and effectively in solving problems and making the most of opportunities.

  2. Contribution to organization or industry
    Evidence that recognises the performance and contribution made to the organisation their individual has served or the public relations industry as a whole.