About PRPA





Established on May 1, 1995, the Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals’ Association Limited (“PRPA”) is an independent body comprising public relations practitioners in Hong Kong. Its founding members include public relations professionals from the commercial and public sectors in Hong Kong, either working in-house or in consultancies. Since its inception, the Association has been actively promoting public relations as a profession and providing regular meetings and forums to exchange views and share experience. It is the belief of PRPA that public relations will play an increasingly significant role in an organization as well as the development of Hong Kong’s economy.


  1. To promote the true meaning of the term “Public Relations”, and to enhance public understanding of the public relations profession.
  2. To provide a unified voice for practitioners on issues relevant to the profession of public relations.
  3. To provide a platform for practitioners to exchange views and share experiences for individual development, as well as for the development of the whole industry.
  4. To advocate a Code of Professional Standards to be observed by all public relations practitioners and members.
  5. To develop and gain public recognition of our professional status.

Codes of standards

In order to promote and enhance the overall professional quality of the industry, the Association adopts the following Code of Professional Standards for its members to observe:

  1. A member shall attempt to work in accord with the public interest;
  2. A member shall adhere to highest ethical standards of accuracy and truth, avoiding the dissemination of misleading or false information;
  3. A member shall be obligated to keep commercial confidentialities of his or her present and past employers;
  4. A member shall not serve two organizations which have a conflict of interest, unless there is proper disclosure and permission from both parties;
  5. A member shall behave ethically and in good faith and shall not deliberately disparage the professional integrity or reputation of any fellow practitioners, whether working for a public or private sector organization or client;
  6. A member who is a public relations consultant shall not intentionally entice other member’s current clients, unless with prior mutual agreement that it will not lead to any conflict of interest;
  7. A member shall not intentionally damage the professional reputation or practice of another practitioner;
  8. If a member has evidence that another member has been guilty of unethical, illegal, or unfair practices, including those in violation of this Code, the member should report the case to the Executive Committee for appropriate action, such as admonition;
  9. All members have the obligation to observe the Code of Professional Standards and support the Executive Committee in the enforcement of the Code.