Advertising and PR Symposium 2003

Mastering the Secrets of the New ‘Experience Economy’ Selling the sizzle and not just the sausage. The economy of business is ever evolving. Corporations are forced to constantly review their sales approach, or die. First there was simple agriculture, then came manufactured products, followed by the service economy era. Now, market leaders all over the world are beginning to see the importance of an ‘experience economy’. Creating brands that can engage their customers on every level. Physically, emotionally, intellectually and even spiritually. How can corporations and brands in Hong Kong and China maintain their competitive edge and create relevant and appropriate experiences for their customers? Is China’s exponential economic growth in danger of leaving its customers behind? You are cordially invited to the Advertising and PR Symposium 2003 where a selection of the industry’s leading lights will be speaking on the subject. Mr. Anthony Lau (2As) – ‘From Commodity to Experience: Branding as a driver of growth’ Mr. Mike Wong (4As) – ‘Brand Experience Matters’ Mrs. Grace Lam (PRPA) – ‘Driving your corporate branding campaign with power-packed PR’ Speeches will be delivered in Cantonese. Panel Discussion – Guest speakers together with Mr. Steven Chang (4As) and Ms. Linda Tsui (PRPA)

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