Type of membership
Member’s entitlement
Application procedures and fees


Applicant has to complete the Application Form, and indicate the name of proposer (if any) who is a current member of PRPA. The membership sub-committee will review the application and report to the Executive Committee for final approval. Applicant can be a member of the Association if the application is successful. Entrance fee and annual fee will have to be paid upon completion of application procedures. If the payment has not been settled within one month without any written notification with sound reason(s), the application will be considered invalid.

Approval of membership will be subject to the discretion of the Executive Committee, without stating any reason.

Membership fee

Membership fee for new member includes a one-off entrance fee as well as an annual fee. From the second years onwards, an annual fee will be incurred upon membership renewal.

Entrance Fee (one-off) Annual Fee (one-year) Annual Fee (two-year)
Full Member HK$200 HK$700 HK$1,200
Associate Member HK$200 HK$400 HK$700
Student Member HK$200 HK$140 HK$230
Corporate Member HK$1,500 HK$2,100 HK$3,700

with effective from 1 November 2017

For administrative purpose, membership expiration date for members is set on a quarterly basis, i.e. end of March, end of June, end of Sept or end of Dec in the following year, depending on the date of joining. This is set by giving no less than 12 months’ first-year membership upon completion of the membership application processing procedures.

PRPA will issue renewal notice and form to members at least one month prior to the expiry of their membership. Associate members who then have more than two years’ experience in public relations will be given notice to have their membership upgraded to ordinary member status.

Membership status will be suspended for members who do not renew their membership three months after the expiry date. This 3-month period is given to members as a grace period after which if no sound reason(s) is(are) given to the Association, their membership status will be suspended and they will have to re-apply to the Association as new members.

Note on Membership Data

Distribution of Event Circular: PRPA will distribute event circulars to members via E-mail.

PRPA’s Declaration: PRPA membership data (based on the information you supplied in the application form will be used only for PRPA’s communications/ activities or our joint activities with other organizations. Under no circumstances shall we release members’ data directly to a third party without their prior approval.

Online Application

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