A Visit to Hong Kong Sports Institute
Date:  Friday, 5 August 2011
Venue:  Hong Kong Sports Institute, Shatin, N.T.
Details: Hong Kong athletes have been receiving growing attention from the community following their breakthrough international sporting results and Mainland China/Hong Kong staging an increased number of international sporting events. Being the HKSAR Government’s elite sport training systems delivery agent, the Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI) provides an environment for identifying and nurturing sports talents as well as assisting them to pursure excellence in the globe. The Institute, currently has over 1,000 Scholarship Athletes mainly from 15 Elite Sports, is helping most of the top athletes including Wong Kam-po, Yu Chui-yee, etc.. in handling commercial engagement such as endorser of corporate brands, talent of TV commercials, guest of promotional activities, speaker of talks/conferences, etc. How the HKSI works with its partners in promoting athletes who are required to be highly concentrated in their training? How top athletes balance between training for excellence and managing expectations from the media/ commercial sectors?

With the kind support of the HKSI, PRPA organised a visit to the Institute at Fo Tan with a presentation by its Public Affairs & Marketing team.

PRPA visits HKSI and has a group photo with its Chief Executive Dr Trisha Leahy, fencing athlete Cheung Siu Lun, and wheelchair fencing athlete Yu Chui Yee.

HKSI Chief Executive Dr Trisha Leahy welcomes PRPA for the visit, and introduces the latest development plan of HKSI.

Representative of HKSI’s Elite Training Science and Technology Division introduces their facilities and functions.

Participants have learnt a lot about HKSI during the visit.

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