Behind the Scene at Hong Kong Broadband bbTV
Date: Thursday, 23 February 2012
Venue: Hong Kong Broadband bbTV, Kwai Chung
Speaker: Mr Earnest Li (李志堅先生), News Controller of HKBN TV News Channel
Details: Launched in 2003, HKBN bbTV now delivers around 110 world class TV channels to over 153,000 subscriptions, including 24-hour news channel, movies, animation, Disney Channel, Discovery Networks and National Geographic channels. HKBN bbTV HKNews Channel (Ch 200) is one of the Top 3 most viewed channels of bbTV. The Channel was awarded the International TV Broadcasting Finalist Award Winner in Best Public Affairs Program by New York Festivals in 2009.

With the support of HKBN bbTV , PRPA offered our members a visit to its TV station, enabling public relations professionals to understand more about digital technology in TV news broadcast. During the visit, attendees were able to see the behind-the-scene operation of HKBN bbTV, in particular its news section. News Controller Mr Earnest Li (李志堅先生) hosted the tour and gave our members a briefing on how news is operated in today’s new communication and digital environment, and some Dos and Don’ts when you pitch your story to electronic media. Mr.Li also shared with us some case study and the most recent public affairs issues .

News Controller Mr Earnest Li leads the participants to visit the news anchor and control rooms of bbTV.

Chairman of PRPA Steering Committee Ms Elaine Chan presents a souvenir to thanks Mr Earnest Li.

A group photo of the tour.