The 3rd Hong Kong Public Relations Awards (2016)


Awards Entry Eligibilities
1 Is there any restriction on the completion date of the campaign?
All entries should relate primarily to campaigns completed or with major parts completed between 1 April 2015 and 31 December 2016.
2 Are companies or organizations that are sponsors of the Awards eligible for submitting entries?
3 Is a company or organisation eligible to submit entries if a member of that company or organisation is a judge of the Awards?
Yes. Each judge will have to declare any conflict of interest to the Awards Organising Committee and will be abstained from judging the entries concerned to ensure the neutrality and fairness of the adjudication.
4 Will a public relations campaign be eligible for entry to the Awards if it has been submitted to compete in another public relations award?
Yes. The objective of Hong Kong PR Awards is to help raising the professional standards of public relations in Hong Kong. The Awards has an independent panel of judges and the adjudication is based on judging criteria that are stated clearly to ensure impartiality and fairness.
5 May a public relations campaign be submitted to more than one Campaign Awards Category?
Each entrant can submit no more than one entry in each Campaign Awards Category. Each campaign is not allowed to compete in different Awards Categories. Entrants should decide the appropriate Category for each campaign and submit a separate Registration Form for each campaign on or before the registration deadline.
6 Can the Campaign Awards Category be changed after the Registration Deadline?
No. Entrants should finalize the Campaign Awards Category before the registration deadline which is on or before 11:59 pm on 19 January 2017.
7 How are the Awards Categories of The 3rd Hong Kong Public Relations Awards (2016) different from those of The 2nd Hong Kong Public Relations Awards (2014)?
After reviewing the Awards Categories and the recent development of the public relations profession, the Organising Committee has increased the number of Awards Categories for The 3rd Hong Kong Public Relations Awards (2016) to eight. There are two more new categories than the 2nd Awards. The eight Categories are 1) Reputation Brand Management; 2) Corporate Social Responsibility; 3) Stakeholder Communications; 4) Integrated Marketing Communications; 5) New Media/Digital Communications; 6) Event Management; 7) NGOs/NPOs/Social Enterprises Communications and 8) SME Communications. The categories 7) and 8) are new while the scope of categories 4) and 5) are expanded to more closely reflect different organisations and approaches of their public relations campaigns.

There are two Individual Awards Categories - two awards for Young Professional of the Year and one Award for the Distinguished Professional of the Year will be presented. Entries are by nomination. Candidates of the Distinguished Professional of the Year will be nominated by the Nomination Committee for the consideration and decision by the Judging Panel.

Please click here or refer to page 6 of “Awards Categories” of the Entry Brochure for details.


Registration Guidelines
8 What is the difference in registration between the 3rd and 2nd Awards?
Currently, the registration could be done online or by email making the process simpler and more efficient,
> For online registration, click, then fill and submit registration form. Entrants will receive the “Acknowledgement of Registration Receipt” with Registration No. via our Online System and email.
> For email registration, entrant could download the registration form via After submitting the form, entrants will receive an auto reply email on the same day and then receive an email notification of Registration No. within 3 working days.
> Entrants must sign on the “Acknowledgement of Registration Receipt” with Company/Organisation Chop. Then deliver the original Receipt together with the cheque/bank-in (transfer) slip to the Secretariat by courier or post within 7 calendar days after their submission of the online registration form. Entrants must submit the above documents within the required timeline in order to complete the registration.
9 When is the deadline? Will it be disqualified due to late payment?
Entrants must submit all required documents according to the following deadlines:
Early Bird Registration Form On or before 11:59pm on 5 January 2017
Registration Form On or before 11:59pm on 19 January 2017
Submission Form On or before 11:59pm on 16 February 2017
10 10. How much is the registration fee?
Early Bird registration fee is $3,300 per entry and the Registration fee is $3,900 per entry. The fees are applicable to both the Public Relations Campaign Awards and Individual Awards categories. For Charitable Organisation which want to apply for waiving the registration fee, they can complete the Registration Fee Waiver Application Form via and email to the Secretariat on or before 5 January 2017 for the consideration of the Organising Committee. The Organising Committee reserves all the right to approve or reject any such application without explanations, and the application result will be informed on 12 January 2017. The decision of the Organising Committee shall be final.
11 Can the fee be paid by bank transfer?
The registration fee could be paid by crossed cheque or bank transfer as follows:

Name of Bank: Shanghai Commercial Bank Ltd
Account Name: Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals’ Association Ltd.
Account No.: 350-82-03333-9
Crossed cheque should be made payable to “Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals’ Association Ltd”
12 Is it needed to submit the case brief report during registration?
No. It is no need to submit neither Chinese nor English case brief report this time.


Submission of Materials
13 When should the detailed materials be submitted?
Submission Form and Supporting Materials should be submitted online or by email on or before 11:59pm on 16 February 2017.
14 What are the required materials?
  • For Entrants to the “Public Relations Campaign Awards”, please click here or refer to point 7 of “Entry & Submission” on page 9 of the Entry Brochure for details.
  • For Entrants to the “Young Professional of the Year Awards”, please click here or refer to point 7 of “Entry & Submission” on page 10 of the Entry Brochure for details.
    15 After submitting Submission Form and Support Materials online or by email, is it necessary to submit hard copy?
    The Organiser requires each Entrant to submit one hardcopy (simply CLIPPED the documents together and DO NOT STAPLED or submit with any outer packaging) and one softcopy of all entry documents including the duly completed and Acknowledgement of Nomination Receipt or Nomination Form signed by both the nominator and the entrant and Supporting Materials file (if any) saved in one CD-ROM should be submitted to the Secretariat by:
    i. Courier: on or before 17 February 2017 no later than 17:00; OR
    ii. Post: posted on or before 17 February 2017 (based on the postal date).
    16 When should the entrant make presentation of their entry cases?
    All entries will be adjudicated and shortlisted by the panel of judges. Shortlisted finalists will be invited to a presentation session in early April 2017. The finalists for the “Young Professional of the Year Awards” will also be invited to make presentation about his or her personal experience and achievement in public relations. The finalists may have to answer questions from the panel of judges.


    About the judging
    17 What are the judging criteria of the PR Campaign Awards of the 3rd PR Awards (2016)? Are the criteria based on international Public Relations Awards standard? What are the differences between this and last Awards?
    The criteria of the Hong Kong Public Relations Awards have strong reference to other regional and international public relations campaigns. Similar to the last Awards, entries for the “Public Relations Campaign Awards” will be evaluated for their 1) strategic planning, 2) effective execution and 3) evaluation and result.

    Please click here or refer to page 6 of the “Judging Criteria” of the Entry Brochure for more details.
    18 How is the Judging Panel be selected? How to ensure the impartiality and fairness of the decision of the Judging Panel?
    The Judging Panel is consisted of commercial leaders, public relations experts, seasoned media manager and scholars. For The 3rd Public Relations Awards (2016), there are nine judges:
      Name Title
    1 Prof Paul S N LEE BSoSc, MPhil, PhD (Chief Judge) Professor
    School of Communication
    Hang Seng Management College
    2 Mrs Pamela CHAN WONG Shui Independent Non-executive
    MTR Corporation Limited
    3 Mr Philip CHEN GBS, JP Managing Director
    Hang Lung Properties Limited
    4 Ms Quince CHONG, JP Chief Corporate Development
    CLP Power HK Ltd
    5 Prof Yi-Hui Christine HUANG, PhD Professor
    School of Journalism and Communication
    Program Director
    Master of Social Science in Corporate Communication The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    6 Mr Peter KWAN Senior Teaching Fellow
    Department of Media and Communication
    City University of Hong Kong
    Treasurer, Executive Committee
    Journalism Education Foundation
    7 Ms Winnie NG Founder and Deputy Chairman of
    RoadShow Holdings Limited
    8 Mr Chris YEUNG Chief Writer
    Citizen News
    Hong Kong Press Council
    9 Mr George YUEN FHKIoD Independent Non-executive
    Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited


    19 What was the number of entrants for the last Awards? If there are less participating companies/organisations, will there be high chance to win?
    It was encouraging to receive more than 60 campaigns competing for the last Awards. The Hong Kong Public Relations Awards was aimed to showcase and recognise outstanding public relations campaigns and professionals. Therefore, the Judging Panel reserves the right for not granting any Awards.
    20 What experience sharing opportunities will be offered to the Awards winning companies/organisations?
    Award winners will be invited to share their experiences in PRPA’s newsletter and other publications, interviews organised by the Organiser, the experience sharing talk, Awards Presentation Booklet and newspapers supplement, etc.
    21 Is it allowed to submit Registration Form and Submission Form by email?
    Yes, please refer to question 9.
    22 Is it possible to ensure confidentiality of the campaign information?
    All submitted materials will not be returned. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to grant an irrevocable licence to the organiser to publish all entries wholly or in part in the media for publicity purposes, or as case studies in PRPA’s newsletter or any other publications of the PRPA, without the prior consent of, or payment of any fees to, the entrant or any other party.

    Entrants may mark various sensitive parts of their submission as “Confidential” and such information will not be published, provided that these requests are not excessive.
    23 How to calculate the years of experience for entrants to the “Young Professional of the Year Awards”?
    It should be calculated starting from entrants as full time employee in the field of public relations.